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My first time getting Permanent Makeup and I absolutely LOVE how my brows look! Tara is awesome, professional and comforting at the same time. I recommend her for anyone wanting to get it done. It’s so great to not have to draw my brows on every morning.
– Lindsay S.

Tara is amazing! My mom first found her for Permanent Makeup, and after consulting with Tara I found out she does an Acne Program too! I started breaking out all of a sudden (worse than high school!) and nothing seemed to be working. Now I’m clear AND have great eyebrows! I highly recommend Tara. She’s not only personable and professional, but also really has your best interest at heart. I couldn’t be happier!
– Torie H.

One of the best facials I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot of fancy resort facials. From the decor to the scents, the incredible neck massage, the little details she puts into everything adds up to an amazing experience. She’s down to earth and welcoming. Every visit is like a mini vacation and I’m loving how my skin is looking younger and better.
– Elizabeth R.

Tara is very knowledgeable in her craft. She makes you feel comfortable and takes away any apprehension about Permanent Makeup. I got my brows done last January and I’m sooo happy with how they turned out! Even a year later, getting ready for a color boost and I’m still loving them. I was nervous about the color and she matched them flawlessly. Highly recommend Tara!
– Ashley B.