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Teen and Adult acne affects 50 million

Acne affects more than 80% of all teenagers at some time in their lives, and clogged pores comprise more than 25% of all visits to the dermatologist. Acne now has hit epidemic proportions in adults, especially women. What used to be just a teenage problem is now a real challenge in many people’s lives.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from some form of acne breakouts.

As teenagers, we hope that we’ll grow out of our acne (which sometimes happens) but in the meantime our self-esteem suffers and we can be left with permanent scarring as a reminder. Once we hit our twenties, we think that acne will finally be behind us. However, many of us find that acne persists into our twenties, thirties and even forties and beyond.

As an Acne Specialist with years of experience treating clients with troubled skin, I empathize with the physical and emotional pain that can can come with having acne, no matter your age. We know that by the time you have found me, it is likely that you have already spent a lot of time and money on drug store and department store skin care products, acne systems seen on TV and the internet, doctors, dermatologists and harsh prescriptions – with little or short-term results. I understand the frustration and we’re here to help get you on the path to clear skin!

Although there is no “cure” for acne, with my guided program we are able to manage it and keep it under reasonable control with the right products, treatments and lifestyle changes. To effectively manage acne, my approach is from a holistic standpoint, meaning we look at more than just your skin – we view you as a whole person with your body’s own unique biology and skin’s challenges. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all system, so I tailor a program just for you. Combining the power of clinical-grade acne care products from Face Reality that are customized for your type of acne with a series of bi-monthly to monthly in-office treatments will speed the clearing of your skin. Because everyone is just a bit different, we monitor you closely to make sure you’re on track to get clear and stay clear. Consider me your clear-skin coach!

It’s important that you, as a prospective client, know what to expect so you can make an informed decision for yourself (or your children) about starting the program and your ability to commit to it. I have a 95% success rate in clearing and managing acne, which is dependent on YOU putting the work into the program.

So let’s get to the details:

  • This is a guided program, where we take a comprehensive approach to treating your skin, with it’s unique skin type, acne type and tolerance to products 
  • We teach you about the real causes of acne and aggravating factors that make you break out – such as foods, medications, cosmetics, stress and more
  • This NOT a quick-fix. Acne cannot be cleared up with a couple of visits and random products. You can expect to need a minimum of 6 to 10 office visits depending on the type of acne you have and other factors that can slow clearing such as lifestyle, dietary habits, and proper use of your home care products
  • The program requires a financial investment of in-office treatments every 2-3 weeks plus the purchase of customized home care products. The first set of acne products is about $180 and home care products are not included in the cost of the treatment visits. Home care products will need to be replenished when you run out or we make changes to your regimen.
  • We will make treatment visit appointments around your work/school schedule and you will need to make time to attend them
  • You will be asked to discontinue using skin care products from other sources during the program
  • You will be provided a list of pore-clogging ingredients and you’ll need to remove certain types of makeup and other products that clog pores from your daily routine
  • You will need to be dedicated to using your home care products twice per day, as instructed (parents, this can be challenging for some teens!)
  • The average time to clear up most skin is 4 to 6 months. Everyone is different and some people clear faster than others!
  • Acne is triggered by internal factors, too! We will review and ask that you make changes to your lifestyle such as cleaning up your diet, adding supplements, avoiding factors that trigger acne
  • Once clear, clients go on a Maintenance regimen, where they continue to use their home care products to keep their skin clear. Some clients also opt to have a Treatment visit every few months for deep cleaning and extractions
  • Parents of teens, as heartbreaking as it is to watch your own child struggle with acne, the truth is that some teens aren’t ready or willing to commit to the program and you will need to be realistic about the amount of clearing we can achieve when they skip their home care regimen, have diets heavy in processed foods that they keep eating, or won’t attend their treatment visits
  • The program works if you follow it! Clients who are clear of their acne after years of struggling will tell you it was worth it for the self-esteem, confidence and peace of mind they now have with clear skin!

This program is a partnership between us and we’re here to help you succeed!

Acne Program Consultation Only


In this in-depth consultation we will review your history including past treatment attempts, diet and lifestyle, current skin care and makeup products. We’ll review the program requirements and advise on the changes you need to make to start on the path to clear skin. If you choose to start the program we will create a customized treatment plan and starter kit of products (you will need to purchase) as well as a binder outlining the full program with a detailed daily regimen, pore clogging list, and comprehensive diet and lifestyle information.

Acne Program Consultation & Treatment Facial*

$ 95

If you’d like the full consultation plus a treatment at the same visit. We’ll complete the Consultation plus an acne treatment with exfoliation and extractions to jump start clearing your skin.

Acne Control & Clearing Treatment Facial*


For clients who have completed a Consultation visit and enrolled in the program. New clients should schedule treatments every two weeks until skin is clear enough to go on a maintenance regimen. We analyze your skin’s current condition and progress then perform an exfoliating treatment with extractions to remove impurities and deep clean pores. We’ll also discuss your home care regimen, lifestyle factors and any challenges and make adjustments each visit to keep you progressing towards clear skin.

*Must be off of Accutane for at least 60 days prior to all skin treatments. Must be off of Retinoids and Antibacterial/Antibiotics such as Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, Azelex, Avita, Cleocin-T, E-mycin-T, Clindamycin for at least two weeks prior to treatments.