Brows to Brazilians

Why choose Gossamer for your waxing needs? The finest of soft and hard waxes (which are gentle on skin) and post-care products are used. A safe, sanitary waxing experience is the top priority! Wax sticks are never double-dipped back into the wax pot, and strict sanitation protocols are followed for your healthy and safety. Experience, gentle technique and a top notch clean environment!

Need to schedule more than one service? No problem! Choose a service and the appointment system will allow you to add additional services to the same visit!

Waxing services cannot be performed if you are using Retin-A, Renova or Accutane. It is imperative that you tell your esthetician about any medication you are currently taking or have taken within three months. Waxing can cause adverse skin reactions. See Frequently Asked Questions and after-care tips!

Brow Wax & Grooming


A maintenance visit to clean up new growth between visits. The finest hard waxes are used. Wax, detailed tweeze, trim and shape adjustments.

Full Face Wax


Includes sideburns, lip, chin and jawline. Does not include eyebrows.

Sideburn/Cheek Wax


Sides of the face in front of the ears.

Upper Lip or Chin


Choice of either upper lip or chin.

Upper Lip and Chin


Includes both the upper lip and the chin.

Nostril Wax


Just inside the nostrils to grab any wandering hairs.

Underarm Wax


Hair must be 1/2″ long (approximately 14 days after your last shave).

Forearm Wax


Lower arms up to the elbow.

Full Leg Wax


Full legs, from just below the bikini line down to the toes.

Half Leg Wax


No fuzz on half your legs? No worries. Choice of waxing from just above the knee down to the toes OR just below the knee up to below the bikini line.

Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

Remove a little, or a lot! See the diagrams below for options.

Basic Bikini Wax


Removes the hair that would fall outside of a traditional underwear or bikini line at the crease of the leg and the hip, does not include the labia or any of the backside.

Extended Bikini Wax


Removes a little bit more hair from the top line and just inside the bikini line at the leg crease to allow for smaller underwear or swimwear, but does not include the full labia or any of the backside. 

Brazilian Wax – First Visit


First visit or hair that has grown out beyond 6 weeks. Hair can be removed from the front to the back and everything in between. Some prefer to remove all hair and others prefer to leave a strip or shape at the top.

Brazilian Wax – Maintenance


Maintenance visit, clients who maintain their Brazilian waxing appointments every 4-6 weeks.